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Amber, 18


why do i always feel like killing everyone


im tired of things costing money

It’s the way he looks at me… like there’s no one else in the world.
It’s the way he has different sets of dimples depending on the way he smiles.. It’s the perfect teeth… the perfect smile to melt my heart into soft putty in his hands. It’s the light & excitement in his eyes… it’s the way he’s always such a kid at heart. Wild… adventurous, even. It’s the way we’re never bored and the way I can always count on him when I need a best friend. It’s maybe even the way we can sit in silence and  be completely content, as long as were together. It’s  the way he cares so much… &the way he makes me feel like I never have to worry about a thing. ♡ …it’s that stupid laugh he does when he’s amused about something. It’s the way he’d rather shovel my driveway just to stay with me rather than dropping me off. It’s the way he talks about forever like it’s nbd… or maybe even the way he wakes up in the night just to pull me closer. He’s everything I could have possibly dreamed for…&
I love him so much… in so many ways. ♡